Table of Contents

  1. Exploring Yii [16:13 minutes] 
    • Introduction to the Course
    • What Is a Framework?
    • What Is an MVC?
    • MVC Request Routing
    • Introducing Yii

  2. Getting Started with Yii [19:12 minutes]
    • Getting Started with Yii
    • Generating a Web Application with Yii
    • Configuring Yii
    • Developing a Photo Gallery Application
    • Using Gii to Generate the CRUD Application

  3. Starting Development (Using our IDE) [24:32 minutes]
    • Introducing the CActiveRecord Object
    • Forms and the CHtml Component
    • Using Third-party Extensions to Enhance Functionality
    • Simplifying Database Queries Using Yii's ActiveRecord Class
    • Creating and Updating Our Album Model
    • Embedding a Subform

  4. Testing Your Application [18:37 minutes]
    • Testing Our Application
    • Setting Up Our Test Environment
    • Creating a Unit Test to Automate the Testing of Common Tasks
    • Using Fixtures
    • Functional Testing with Selenium Server

  5. The Photo Application [19:52 minutes]
    • Installing Yii Extensions
    • Preparing the Forms and Inserting the Uploader Widget
    • Building a Controller Action to Upload and Crunch Our Images
    • Understanding the GridView and Customizing It's Layout
    • Adding Finishing Touches to the Photo Album Management Forms

  6. Themes, Layout, and User Access [20:14 minutes]
    • Theming an Application
    • Modifying the Default System Layout to Modify the Menus
    • User Authentication – The Default Yii Model
    • Extending the Yii User Model to Suit Our Application
    • Understanding the Yii Security Model

  7. Debugging, Logging, and Error Handling in Yii [24:05 minutes]
    • Using Xdebug to Debug Your Applications in Real Time
    • Configuring Yii to Use Different Log Routes
    • Profiling SQL queries
    • Installing and Using the Yii Debug Toolbar Extension
    • Exception Handling in Yii Using the CException and CHttpException classes

  8. Customizing our Album Interface [21:29 minutes]
    • Including Tags -Part 1
    • Including Tags – Part 2 and Using Model Behaviors
    • Using Lookups and Dropdown-List Boxes
    • Adding the Comment Add and Display Forms
    • Deploying Our Photo Application